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Market Research  & Analysis
Market Research & Analysis
Take advantage of the panelists for market research that we own. We have the largest high quality panelists in accumulation of Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Together with our professional researchers base in each country, we are able to conduct a variety of researches such as, Research planning , fieldwork, Analysis and Translation.
We can conduct and optimal any surveys upon your request.
Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing
The success of Internet Marketing consultion begins by comprehending data correctly, which was a core strength of W&S Group. Correspondingly, we propose a marketing plan to client, identify improvements for users/ customers reach and cost effectiveness..
Web Creative
Web Creative
We design such ideal sites to solve problems that companies may face within its communication on the internet. We'll optimize operational sites through results drawn from our analysis, which help clients realize their active websites.

OUR SERVICES: Market Research and Analysis to help solve your business problems.

haisurvey Buzzics
An exclusive tool of W&S Co., which aims to support professional users in a simple way to set up their own surveys. With our own Southeast Asia panels, HaiSurvey will bring together W&S Research expertise of various features , to give you the faster than ever - cheaper - deeper Research Data that you can get instantly.
Collect voices on social media (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google +), help Users understand the surrounding circumstances of consumer behaviors, preferences and awareness about certain specific brands or players in the market. Users can understand reactions of the public, and figure out the right factors that affect communications, promotional activities or any other aspects of the corporation. Based on these analysis from Buzzics, Users can design a proper PDCA cycle for their business activity.

Panel Data The panels in Indonesia & Vietnam which are owned by W&S have reached high-quality members

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Voluntary Report

The comparative survey on the topic of marriage planning in three countries
The comparative survey on the topic of marriage planning in three countries
The comparative survey on the topic of marriage planning in three countries
Comparative report on Oversea Travel Behavior Study
Comparative report on Oversea Travel Behavior Study

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Marketing Database

Nov.16,2015Multilingual FGD is getting easier with Yimresearch keywords sheet

Multilingual FGD is getting easier with Yimresearch keywords sheet 

Nov.10,2015Appointment Acquisition Service

With our vast and well established company contacts, W&S is able to compile potential companies in Indonesia. W&S capable to manage appointment to potential companies and provide transportation, interpreters, direction for conducting negotiations on the appointment day.

Nov.04,2015Use awareness data to win your clients

The usage of awareness data is very important, especially when one wants to get funded from potential sponsors.

As a PR company, to convince the sponsors to support the project is rely heavily on a high quality data and brand purchase intention of consumers.


Nov.16,2015Wholly new FGD/CLT/IDI facility for Rent

W&S Vietnam are very pleased to introduce our new FGD/CLT/IDI facility for rent.

We believe that our new service will satisfy all of your needs well. For more details, please check it out here

Nov.16,2015HaiSurvey takes a big step in Thailand

HaiSurvey takes a big step in Thailand

Nov.16,2015Our DIY questionnaire system.

This is our DIY questionnaire system.HaiSurvey」 You can conduct your online research by yourself.